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Finally, a graphic design podcast for designers, by designers focusing on real-world, professional issues, changing technologies and application insights. Discover new design-based discussions highlighting issues and challenges you, as a designer, experience everyday. Whether it be typical program complications, unique client education challenges or a new product you’re considering implementing in your work flow, From Pixels to Print is your design solution resource.

Let Me Introduce Myself

Often times we read a blog or social media news story and question the knowledge of the voice providing the content. That is why I’ve chosen to introduce myself here, in voice, so you can begin to understand who I am, a taste of my background, what to expect from this podcast and discover how you can become a part of it all. Take a listen and take the challenge to become a voice of From Pixels to Print.



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Become part of the From Pixels to Print Podcast design community. Be a voice among the listeners, share your successes and experiences and become part of the podcast today. Together we can make this podcast a vehicle for communication and the sharing of ideas.

No matter what your experience – whether you’re established in your career or currently in classes – From Pixels to Print can be your source to help make you a better and stronger designer. Skills, experience, insight and efficiencies can make the difference. Make a difference in your career today; select your path below and access a personalized blog resource and curation just for you.

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The From Pixels to Print Mission

To provide an online resource for graphic design professionals to quickly access tips, tricks and essential training. To build a community of designers who can share with others their successes and best-practices.

Connect with me via email with your thoughts on upcoming shows or comments on existing shows. Your input will help to make this your podcast.



Never underestimate strategy. Everything we do as designers is strategically considered. When creating an identity, there are choices made and typography considered, perfect for that look and feel we’re after. When designing an ad, a poster, a website, even, there are numerous strategies which are mindfully chosen – make certain your client knows and understands those “behind-the-scenes” details of your process. Their perceived value in what you do will grow exponentially.

The Benefits

Training at Your Pace

From Pixels to Print will offer online training options beginning Summer 2015. No matter your level of knowledge, I will help you polish your skills and provide a comfort level that will make a difference in your design career.

Design Techniques

From Pixels to Print strives to access the power of the design community to share ideas, experiences and proven solutions. Techniques are always changing as technology evolves, and that, my friends, is an exciting aspect of graphic design that you must embrace and control.

Creating Efficiently

From Pixels to Print can offer best-practices with many applications focusing on improving your efficiency. The better you know an application, the faster you can achieve a positive solution, thus the more your time is worth. Knowledge equals success.

Right There with You

Being part of the graphic design community of the greater Milwaukee area for more than 25 years has provided me with a wide range of experiences. From the occassional, last minute client requests to projects requiring quick, one-of-a-kind solutions, I’ve been exposed to many real-world creative challenges. Through it all there’s been one constant; my love for what I do. I have stories to tell and tips to share, and I am excited to expand this journey through podcasting and online training.

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Share your story at 262-298-2428 and let me know why design is such a large part of your life. Together we can make From Pixels to Print a dynamic podcast for other creatives, like you and I, all around the world.

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