12 Presentation Skills to Remember

ARRIVE EARLY: Give yourself enough time to get acquainted with the stage or presentation area, and test the microphone and any visual aids you’ll be using.

VISUALIZE YOUR SUCCESS: Imagine yourself giving your speech: your voice is loud, clear and confident. Imagine hearing the audience’s applause — it will boost your confidence.

STAND, SETTLE, SMILE: When you take the stage, stand, settle in your place for a few seconds and then smile before you begin.

MAKE IT PERSONAL: Use humour, personal anecdotes and conversational language to make your speech engaging.

SHARE A STARTLING FACT: Everyone loves an interesting piece of information. Be sure to share something your audience will find surprising.

PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT: Rehearse your speech aloud using any equipment and/or visual aids you’ll use during your presentation. Rehearse as often as you can.

PACE YOURSELF: People tend to rush when they’re nervous, so practice keeping your speech at a calm, steady pace.

USE VISUALS: Make sure your visual aids reinforce your message and don’t distract from it. SEE » Presentations Don’t Have to be Horrible

BE FLEXIBLE: Anything that can go wrong will. Be prepared by having print-outs of your presentation slides and a copy of your presentation on a USB drive;

DON’T APOLOGIZE, EVER: If you make a mistake, there’s no need to say you’re sorry. Pick up where you left off and keep going.

TRUST YOUR AUDIENCE: They’re rooting for you — they want you to be interesting, stimulating, informative and entertaining;

GIVE AN ACTION ITEM: People love to come away from a speech feeling motivated. Take advantage of their current motivation and give them an immediate action item



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